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Why intelligent buyer assistant ?



Take the time to address unhappy customers and do everything in your power to remedy the situation.



Do everything in your power to make it really easy for customers to give feedback on your products and tell you about any problems they are having.



If you offer some sort of live customer service (phone or live chat), it is paramount that you can get your customers to talk to a live person in 2 minutes or less.

The HiSumo Method

1. Order Paid

Smoother transactions

HiSumo is like a babysitter. It babysits the buyers once they have made the payment.  It will ask them for permission to follow up the order from the very beginning. In case, they need to change the shipping address or upgrade to express shipping, HiSumo will step in and help them out. It will also help customers in the following:

Confirm shipping address

Change size or color

Cancel order

Upgrade to express shipping

Combine shipment


2. Item Dispatched

Provide faster and smarter shipping information

HiSumo helps buyers in keeping an eye on the shipment. If a problem arises during shipping, it will inform them in no time. Moreover, it will notify them if the order was dispatched on time or not, so that customers will always have the right expectations. The information HiSumo will provide include:

Dispatch notification

Unexpected event

Shipment status update

Expected delivery date

Tracking information

Carrier information

3. Item Received

Personalized customer care

HiSumo will make sure that customers have no problems with the item they received. It can handle simple product instructions so you can rely on it when it comes to teaching the buyers on how to properly use the product. If there are problems with the item e.g. factory defect, it can also help in arranging an exchange or refund. HiSumo will provide personalized assistance on the following aspects:

Delivery confirmation

Product FAQs

Refund arrangement

Missing items

Item not as described

Return label


4. After Sales

Reviews, referrals, repurchases everywhere

HiSumo will interact with the buyers during the whole process, even after purchase, to ensure customer satisfaction. Based on how the conversation goes, HiSumo will be able to tell if a customer is happy with the product. If so, it will politely ask for a product review. In this way, buyers will be more likely to leave a positive review as compared to conventional review reminder emails.

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Why HiSumo ?

Buyers Like Us

Improve shopping experience by communicating with the buyers the way they want.

Targeted Information

Deliver the right information at the right time.

Decrease Your Workload

Minimize the cost of phone-based support.

Made for Shopify

Integrate intelligent customer service with your Shopify store easily and perfectly.

Integrate intelligent customer service with your Shopify store easily and perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is HiSumo AI?

Yes, HiSumo is a chatbot that proactively reaches out to customers and provides them the support they need in order to ensure smooth and positive shopping experience.

Can HiSumo replace a human customer service rep?

We believe that bots can do things in a cost-effective way. However, humans are still superior when it comes to decision-making. With HiSumo, you’re getting a combination of advantageous features of both bots and humans, which will enable you to provide the best customer service to the buyers. Your competitive advantage depends on how good you can make the decision for cases specific to your business.

How can HiSumo ensure customer satisfaction?

HiSumo will reach out to the buyer at the right time to identify potential problems and other points of concerns, hence, preventing a bad buying experience. You are also provided with instant support for usual, first–level concerns as well as frequently asked questions. At the same time, you as the seller can configure and teach the bot how to handle other concerns and unusual events that may occur while doing business.

Can HiSumo support non-Shopify stores?

We’re currently working on it. As of the moment, HiSumo is available only for Shopify stores as we believe that Shopify has the most established and user-friendly App Store among eCommerce platformsPlans of providing support to other major marketplaces like Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, eBay, and Amazon is currently underway, so please look forward to it. Also, please let us know of your thoughts and your preferences so we can better address your customer service needs.

Your intelligent buyer assistant

Providing quality products do not always equate to 100% customer satisfaction and repeat orders. But a fantastic customer service can make the difference! With HiSumo, you can be sure that all of your customers’ questions and concerns will be taken care of with high efficiency at much less time, effort, and cost.

(No credit card needed.)